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Memorial Day Weekend with Friends Grillin’ and Chillin’ (New York Strip Steaks and Salad)



Friends of ours from LA spent Memorial Day Weekend with us.  I have known her since we were kids living in St. Louis.  She and I have mutual cousins in common…their dad was her mom’s brother while their mom was my dad’s sister…got that?????

No matter…the important thing is that through the years of my sister and I  visiting our cousins while she and her sister were visiting their cousins we became close friends.

She and I were the same age and our sisters were  the same age setting the stage for a friendly foursome.

When my family moved from St. Louis to Pennsylvania my sister and I continued to visit them each summer by train for several weeks throughout much of our teenage years.

Fast forward many years of not seeing each other, and miraculously we find ourselves now living in the central coast of California while she and her husband have been living for years in Los Angeles…we reconnected when my older son moved to LA to begin his career 17 years ago, getting together whenever we visited.

What we didn’t know then is that we would actually be living here one day with just a 3 hour drive between us! 

Well, maybe not 3 hours on a holiday weekend, but we won’t get into that! Hopefully, the grilled Tuscan  brick chicken and glazed fudge cake awaiting them made up for that!!!

We crammed a lot into 3 days, not the least of which evolved around what else, but eating!

We were so busy that I kept forgetting to snap photos so the best I could rustle up is the photo above of  these luscious New York Strip steaks my husband grilled one evening for dinner, and the salad that accompanied  them.

The 1 and 1/2 inch steaks were perfectly seared on the outside, yet rosy pink in the middle.

He tried  a new technique  which had to do with getting the gas grill super hot, and initially turning them very often, about 1 and 1/2 minutes per side with the grill closed until they formed that nice crust you can see in the photo above.

Then with the grill lid open he continued cooking and  and turning them until the internal temp reached about 120 degrees.  Covered lightly with foil and let to rest for about 15 minutes they reached an internal temp of about 135 to 140 degrees.  Perfection!

On Saturday  morning we stopped by the Central Coast Succulent and Cactus Society’s annual show which was being held in a large community center in downtown San Luis Obispo.

There we saw an amazing display of countless award winning plants…




From there we headed north to the Paso Robles Artsfest. 


Here’s some info on the event…

The Paso Robles Festival of the Arts has changed its name and is effectively “upping its game” for 2014 with a list of new features designed with art lovers and county visitors in mind. Now dubbed “Paso Artsfest,” the largest free art event in San Luis Obispo County has a week’s worth of activities planned for artists, visitors and county residents in addition to the much-beloved main event that takes place the Saturday of every Memorial Day weekend in the Paso Robles downtown City Park. “With all of the fantastic press Paso Robles has been getting lately, this is the perfect time for our art festival to reach out to potential visitors who appreciate wine, food, art and beautiful scenery,” states Barbara Partridge, Paso Artsfest chairwoman. “We know that people are coming here on vacation for Memorial Day weekend, we are offering them the opportunity to make the arts part of their experience in a much bigger way than ever before.

 The day features an Outdoor Fine Art Show & Sale, a Wet Painting Sale & Auction, hands-on interactive art experiences all over the park, exciting musical guests, dance performances and a full day’s worth of entertaining and artistic surprises. This event is free to the public.

When it was time for lunch we ate at a lovely Parisian bistro that had been recommended to me that was across the street called Bistro Laurent.

where we dined on “Croque Monsieur and Frites” on the charming patio.


That evening we dined again at what is quickly becoming one of our favorite Italian restarurants in downtown SLO,  Buona Tavola, specializing in Northern Italian cuisine.





Each meal begins with their complementary olive tapenade and delicious homemade bread!  You can even buy it there or at the local farmer’s markets.


or their house-made salami and sausages are also available…


On Sunday my girlfriend and I walked off some of that wonderful bread and gelato from the night before and went walking on some of the spectacular trails that surround San Luis Obispo, while my husband took her husband in search of a running trail,  and later a couple of slices of pizza, and a ballgame on tv.

Here are some great photos and info I found online for the trails we walked..Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

The city of Cambria is located on Highway One at the north end of San Luis Obispo County, and has earned the nickname “Gateway to the Big Sur Coast.” Like that stunning area to the north, Cambria has its own beautiful waterfront. Explore sandy beaches and rocky tide pools on a 2.85-mile round trip hike down Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, crossing a pristine beach that is preserved by Hearst San Simeon State Park. There is only 40 feet of elevation change over the level and easy trail, so you are free to set out in flip-flops or tennis shoes. Explore tide pools or walk across the sand on Moonstone Beach to add variety to this beautiful oceanfront stroll.

You can start the boardwalk from free parking areas at either end (or in the middle). To discover the ocean views, start from the south end of the trail, just off Highway One near the beginning of Moonstone Beach Drive. Hike northwest beneath pines along Santa Rosa Creek. After 0.2 miles, you will spot a pool of water at the mouth of the creek, separated from the ocean by a line of sand. The wooden boardwalk progresses alongside the estuary where you can spot ducks and snowy egrets.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk
Seals at the tide pools

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

While hiking Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, you will pass several side access trail, but the main route is obvious. There are benches along the way where you can linger to admire the scenery. The boardwalk runs parallel to Moonstone Beach Drive, which is lined on the inland side by restaurants and hotels.


Harmony Headlands State Park is located 2.6 miles south of Harmony, along the west side of Highway One in the beautiful coastal area of Central California.  This area has a Mediterranean climate consisting of warm dry summers and cool wet winters.  Its proximity to the ocean also results in thick coastal fogs which help to moderate the temperatures.  The constant winds and salt spray result in vegetation tolerant of these conditions. The flat coastal terraces, valleys and steep coastal bluffs are predominately home to grasslands and coastal scrub containing plants such as a San Luis Obispo morning glory, California buttercup, yarrow and lupine.  In the spring, flowering grasses can be seen in profusion.
This area contains diverse and unique habitats supporting rare, endangered and sensitive plant and animal species.  Along the rocky outcrops, lichen, ferns and Indian paintbrush are scattered throughout the grasslands.  In the fresh water habitats of wetlands, riparian corridors and ponds, willows, rushes and cattails can be seen.  Along the intertidal areas, sea mammals can be seen and heard.  Overhead seabirds and shorebirds soar.  Making their way through their grassland homes, California ground squirrels, brush rabbits, skunks, coyote, mule deer and raccoons are among the residents.

This area also provides a home for the endangered California red-legged frog and the southwestern pond turtle.  Many sensitive species also reside here including brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants and white-tailed kites.


Harmony Headlands State Park features a two-mile long Headlands Trail that departs from the parking lot and provides breathtaking ocean views west to the marine terrace grasslands.  Nature lovers, hikers, photographers, artists and bird watchers will all find this walk a rewarding and memorable experience.

Note:  We actually didn’t make it to the ocean this time. We were close when we met up with a couple of hikers who were on their way back, and told us to be careful of the snake that had crossed their path.  With that news, we looked at each other, and  both agreed it was getting late and we will finish the trail next time!  Yikes!!!

After breakfast the next morning at Louisa’s, a great diner type place walking distance from our home, our friends packed up and headed back to LA, but not before picking up a tri-tip sandwch to go for the trip back!

After all, one can’t visit San Luis Obispo, and not have tri-tip!   

Pecorino Romano from Fromagerie Sophie

The past couple of weeks we have found ourselves up to our ears in unpacking since having moved into our new home in San Luis Obispo’s downtown on November 24th. 
It is a labor of love seeing for the first time in a long time so many of our possessions.  Uncovering  my dishes, utensils, cookware, small appliances, vases, flower pots, etc. is like being reunited with an old friend after a long separation.
Our new kitchen has a hard act to follow since as you know I loved my former remodeled kitchen dearly.
Leaving it was equivalent to leaving a very old friend with whom I spent countless hours happily cooking, baking and creating. 
So now I have another beautiful kitchen, a bit larger and a different layout with high ceilings and  lots of windows (which I love) in a totally different setting. 
It will take some time I’m sure for us to become as good friends, but with each dish I prepare I know I will be one step closer.
Two days ago I cooked Ina’s Real Meatballs and Spaghetti, a favorite recipe.
I realized I didn’t have any Pecorino Romano ( which goes into the meatballs as well as freshly grated on top of the sauce ) just abut the same time that my husband phoned on his way home to see if I needed anything.
Coincidentally he was just checking out a new little cheese shop in our wonderful downtown.  It was my lucky day!  He brought me home some delicious imported Pecroino Romano from Fromagerie Sophie which only opened a couple of weeks ago.
We stopped by yesterday on our way back from the Thursday evening Farmer’s Market and I got a chance to check out Sophie’s cheese shop myself.  I told them that I loved the Pecorino Romano and that I am in the neighborhood and they will be seeing a lot more of me!

On Our Way

Just a quick update from my son’s computer in LA.  Since mine is on the moving van it will be some time til I can get back to my regular blogging, especially since we will be in a hotel for awhile until our house is ready for us.

With help from my tech guy I hope to get some posts out through the next weeks (months?…hope not). 

Anyway, we arrived in LA last evening, have spent the night with our son, and are getting ready to rent a car and drive to San Luis Obispo… but this time there is no return flight…

To say this whole process seems surreal would be a major understatement.   It is still hard to get our heads around the fact that we are actually moving to our new life on the west coast as excited as we are.

Our flight was great…it turns out that flying on the fourth of July is not only a great way to get a reduced fare, the airports are not busy, and everything runs pretty smoothly.

With my husband’s recent surgery just a month ago this was even more important as he needed a wheelchair to get from check in to the gate, but the service was extraordinary.

The real surprise came when we were bumped up to first class because my husband’s  headset jack was broken!  As it turns out the plane was full, but we were the only ones in first class.  As my younger brother said,  that is a very good omen for the days ahead!

Food, Flora, and Father’s Day


Yesterday was the final Father’s Day celebrated in our home of 25 years. 

We have had countless celebrations over these years in our backyard (for years we grilled on the grass until we had our patio built). 

From everyday barbeques to Bar-Mitzvah celebrations we have so many memories of good times in what to us has become a little bit of paradise that we developed over our time in this home.

From a new home without so much as a a stick in the backyard we created this with a lot of hard work and perseverance…a work in progress that was truly a labor of love.



Each Spring I would look forward to planting pots on the patio, but always something different than the year before…here are just a few from previous years…













This year I had to rely on my perennials since there was no time to plant with us moving by the end of June.  In fact, I’ve been gradually giving my perennial pots away to family and friends…parting gifts that are hard to part with, but knowing they will be in good hands makes it easier.

So with my husband still recovering from his surgery, and in the midst of my packing I really wanted to have one last cookout for Father’s Day. 

The weather turned out to be perfect for eating outside (a rarity in our area in the summer),  family and friends turned out for the day, and we enjoyed a really great summer meal.

My husband rose to the occasion and even managed to man the grill, cooking the brick chicken and hot dogs and Italian sausage to perfection…image



There was corn on the cob…with all the toppings…



and I made Ina Garten’s Greek Panzanella Salad , a terrific salad to serve that can be prepared ahead , dressed 30  minutes before serving, and served at room temperature.


For dessert I made the  Strawberries and Cream Spectacular Cake and my best friend brought fabulous homemade  brownies.

And  by the end of the day we had one more memory to tuck away and take with us to California. 

Chantilcleer Gardens


I mentioned on a recent post that my sister, cousins from St. Louis and I visited Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA several weeks ago. 

This estate began as the country retreat of Adolph Rosengarten, Sr. and his wife Christine, and dates back to the early 1900’s.

The photo above gives you a glimpse of what the 48 acres of  Chanticleer has to offer.

An excerpt from the brochure says it best…

Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America.  The garden is a study of textures and forms, where foliage trumps flowers, the gardeners lead the design, and even the drinking fountains are sculptural,  It is a garden of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home.

Here is just a sampling of some of the photos from our wonderful day spent at this miraculous garden retreat.















If you get the opportunity you must visit this enchanting place.  What makes it stand out among so many public gardens is the fact that they have made an extraordinary effort to keep it from being commercialized in any way, and have succeeded.

As you walk the paths of the various gardens you feel as if you are visiting a friend’s home and gardens.  If you have questions about the many plants there are numerous gardeners available to answer them.

This pretty much sums up the experience they hope it will be…

Sit and enjoy the views.  Relax, read, converse, meditate.  Feel the sun on your back and the grass beneath your feet as you listen to the birds and enjoy the scents of the garden.

Valentine’s Day Dinner for my Sweetheart


This is the dessert that ended our Valentine’s dinner this evening. 

Nothing too fancy,  just a few of my husband’s favorites…homemade rich chocolatey brownies cut into heart shapes, sharing the plate with pure vanilla ice cream blanketed with fresh ripe macerated strawberries.

Dinner was a mixed green salad, steamed lobster tails with drawn butter, pan seared T-Bone Steak, and baked potatoes all washed down with a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon, and Pearl Onions


Over a month ago Southern Living Magazine contacted me for confirmation to print a recipe of mine in their February issue!

I was shocked, wondering what recipe they were interested in, and how it happened that they found it, and me!  Here’s the story…

About a year ago I submitted the recipe for Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon, and Pearl Onions pictured above to the Food 52 site, an online community of cooks. 

Turns out Southern Living saw it recently and liked it, and tried to find me to let me know they wanted to run it in their February issue.

I found this out one day as I was shopping for groceries and my son called with the news that Southern Living had e-mailed him that they were trying to locate me.

Apparently my son is a lot easier to locate than me!  In googling Dinner At Sheila’s they found him because on the second anniversary of my blog he was kind enough to post on his personal blog the following.

Dinner at Sheila’s

August 2, 2012

A few years ago I told my Mom that I thought she’d enjoy having a blog to share her amazing cooking skills and recipes with the world. She thought I was insane, but after a few months she agreed to give it a shot.

She quickly became obsessed with it, and just celebrated the two-year anniversary of blogging at Dinner at Sheilas which is quite an accomplishment.

As somebody who’s actually had Dinner at Sheilas for his entire life, I can tell you that her cooking is every bit as delicious as it looks. If you’re remotely interested in cooking (or eating), I highly recommend that you go check it out.

And if you like what you see, go like her Facebook page – it’ll make her day.

So my son gave  SL my email, and they contacted me, and I was more than thrilled to give them approval to run my recipe.  And yesterday I found the Feb issue on the stands…


In it on page 16 there is a Community Cookbook Feature with the following caption…

A TASTE OF WHO AND WHAT GOT THE HIGHEST RAVES IN THE SOUTHERN LIVING TEST KITCHEN.                                                        
                          THIS MONTH:  COLORFUL WINTER SIDES

And I am one of three lucky cooks whose recipe is featured. 

Here is the link to the recipe for  Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon and Pearl Onions!

Thanks to my son for being so sweet to write that post, and thanks to Southern Living for persevering!

And one more thing …I will be adding my e-mail to my blog!!!!



Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child!

Julia Child would have been 100 years old August 15th.

I have always been a huge fan of Julia’s.  I have many of her cookbooks and never tire of reading them. Unlike Julie in the movie “Julie and Julia” I have not cooked through “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” cover to cover, but I continue to cook her recipes and refer to her techniques.

It seems fitting to dedicate this blog to her, and share some thoughts of others who marked this occasion with their remembrances of her.

In an article by Marlo Thomas, a contributor to HuffPost’s The Blog,  Marlo says…

"Julia Child was a great chef, but she was also hilarious — a true original. There are a lot of chefs we admire today, but Julia was the only  one who could flip a pancake, miss, have it flop onto the floor and say "Oops!" — then toss it back into the pan and carry on."

When Marlo asked famed chef Anthony Bourdain for his thoughts he gushed…

"Julia Child was the single most important, influential and game-changing figure in the history of American gastronomy. Everything tracks back to her. And though uniquely situated to do so, she never endorsed a thing: not a pot, not a pan, not a chain of restaurants, not a spice blend, apron or boil-in-the-bag dinner. She will be remembered for what she did on this earth, which was to inspire millions to cook — and eat — better."

Marlo goes on to say…

"From her straightforward recipes to her stove-side candor to the ease with which she floated around the kitchen, she could make even the most food-challenged among us feel like we were master chefs."

She continues …

"although Julia never set out to change the world, educate the masses or become a best-selling author and TV star, she accomplished all that, anyway — with grace, humor and, of course, her signature sign-off: "Bon appétit!"

I’ll close this post with some words of advice for all those aspiring cooks out there.  It comes from the forward of Volume One of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which Julia co-authored with Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck.

It is advice that I wholeheartedly share…

Our years of teaching cookery have impressed upon us the fact that all too often a debutant cook will start in enthusiastically on a new dish without ever reading the recipe first.  Suddenly an ingredient, or a process, or a time sequence will turn up, and there is astonishment, frustration, and even disaster.  We therefore urge you, however much you have cooked, always to read the recipe first, even if the dish is familiar to you.  Visualize each step so you will  know exactly what techniques,ingredients, time, and equipment are required and you will encounter no surprises.  Recipe language is always a sort of short-hand in which a lot of information is packed, and you will have to read carefully if you are not to miss small but important points.  Then, to build up your over-all knowledge of cooking, compare the recipe mentally to others you are familiar with, and note where one recipe or technique fits into the larger picture of theme and variations.

We have not given estimates for the time of preparation, as some people take half and hour to slice three pounds of mushrooms while others take five minutes.

Pay close attention to what you are doing while you work, for precision in small details can make the difference between passable cooking and fine food.  If a recipe says, “cover casserole and regulate heat so liquid simmers very slowly,” “heat the butter until its foam begins to subside,” or “beat the hot sauce into the egg yolks by driplets,” follow it.  You may be slow and clumsy at first, but with practice you will pick up speed and style.

Allow yourself plenty of time. Most dishes can be assembled, or started, or partially cooked in advance.  If you are not an old campaigner, do not plan more than one long or complicated recipe for a meal or you will wear yourself out and derive no pleasure from your efforts.

If food is to be baked or boiled, be sure your oven is hot before the dish goes in.  Otherwise, souffles will not rise, piecrusts will collapse, and gratineed dishes will overcook before they brown.

A pot-saver is a self-hampering cook.  Use all the pans, bowls, and equipment you need, but soak them in water as soon as you are through with them.  Clean up after yourself frequently to avoid confusion.

Train yourself to use your hands and fingers; they are wonderful instruments.  Train yourself also to handle hot foods; this will save time.  Keep your knives sharp.

Above all, have a good time.

So on this 100th anniversary of Julia Child’s birth, I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote of hers reflecting Julia’s unforgettable spirit,

"The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded, then whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit. "

Artisanal Salami And More In San Luis Obispo

We spent the last week in San Luis Obispo, a lovely small town on the central coast of California.  It is located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, making it the perfect place for our sons (and their girlfriends) to meet up with us there for Father’s Day weekend.

SLO has much to offer…a Mediterranean climate well suited for its numerous vineyards…

beautiful beaches…

community gardens…

breathtaking views…

a very walkable, yet compact bustling downtown that holds a remarkable Thursday evening Farmer’s Market, every week except Thanksgiving…

There you will find lots of locally grown produce…

bouquets of fresh flowers from “The Flower Lady”

and fantastic street fare of all kinds…here’s just a sample…

Add to this music and entertainment, and you can see why all the locals ask…”Have you been to the Farmer’s Market?”  It’s certainly not just any Farmer’s Market!

And finally, San Luis Obispo has an amazing number of great restaurants that run the gamut from down home BBQ to the finest of dining experiences utilizing the area’s fresh local ingredients and wines.

That brings me to the photo at the top of this blog…we ordered this salumi platter to go along with our drinks at Luna Red …it was not only delicious, but a work of art as well.

A selection of artisanal cured meats made on the premises was served on a board accompanied by a house made Dijon mustard, a carrot puree, an assortment of olives, and some pickled vegetables along with a nasturtium blossom.  This was served alongside some great bread with local olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. 

What more is there to say?  If you get the chance to go to San Luis Obispo you won’t be sorry.

When we arrived we were told that the early morning fog and cool temps which give way to clear blue skies and sunny temperate days at this time of year is called “June Gloom”. 

However, after our week in SLO we’ve decided there is nothing gloomy about San Luis Obispo at all!

A Reception For Jacki Sorensen

April 27, 2012 11:32 ET

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Announces 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

WASHINGTON, DC—(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2012) - In honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) will pay tribute to the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winners at their annual meeting on May 1, 2012.

Presented annually since 2007, the Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals whose careers have greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of physical activity, fitness, sports, and nutrition-related programs nationwide. Recipients are selected by members of PCFSN based on the span and scope of an individual’s career, the estimated number of lives they have touched, and the impact of their legacy.

2012 PCFSN Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Linn Goldberg, M.D. - Dr. Goldberg is Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Health Promotion & Sports Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. His groundbreaking programs for young athletes (ATLAS for boys and ATHENA for girls) utilize exercise and nutrition alternatives to prevent the use of alcohol, performance enhancing and illicit drugs.

Thomas McKenzie, Ph.D. - Dr. McKenzie is Emeritus professor in the San Diego State University School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. Dr. McKenzie has authored or co-authored over 170 publications and co-founded SPARK — a nationally recognized research-based public health organization dedicated to improve health through physical activity. In March 2012, he was awarded a Hall of Fame Award from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

Jacki Sorensen - Sorensen is the originator of Aerobic Dancing — the complete fitness program that combines health and toning benefits of jogging with the fun of dancing. Sorensen is the President and founder of Jacki’s Inc.

Charles Sterling, Ed.D. - Sterling is Chairman of Youth Initiatives at The Cooper Institute and Chairman of the FITNESSGRAM Board of Trustees. Dr. Sterling is best known professionally as the founder of the widely-used FITNESSGRAM®, a health-related testing and feedback system for youth.

Pat Summitt - Summitt is Hall of Fame University of Tennessee Head Women’s Basketball Coach Emeritus. Summitt has won more games than anyone else in NCAA college basketball history, winning eight national titles and 1,098 games at Tennessee.

When our family moved to our current home 24 years ago I immediately began looking for an exercise class to join. 

I had always participated in an exercise class in Chicago even while my kids were small.  At the Jewish Community Center my younger son played in his “Funtimers” preschool class, while I had my own “fun time “exercising to music in the aerobics class in the gym.

After class my son and I would head to Wendy’s across the street for lunch.  It became our little ritual. I was hooked on exercise, and had always found some time to attend a class, or run with my neighbor…we even did the Chicago Marathon in 1983!

When we moved to our new home in Maryland in 1988 we were amazed to find a brand new community center several blocks away, offering all kinds of activities for our boys, basketball for my husband, and aerobic exercise for me!

  And not just any exercise, but Jacki Sorensen’ s Aerobic workout, dance, and step classes. 

I’m happy to say I’ve been attending our intsructor Karin Baker’s classes for all these years.  A couple of weeks ago in class Karin told us that Jacki was receiving this lifetime achievement award May 1st in Washington, DC .

  Later in the evening they wanted to hold a large exercise session with instructors and students coming from all over, and Jacki presiding.

There wasn’t much time to pull it together, but Karin arranged to have it at our community center, and last night there were 190 of us doing Jacki’s dance aerobics in the gym.

With the help of many other volunteers a memorable evening was pulled together and Jacki was thrilled.

I volunteered to help with the food for the reception.  For my part I prepared lots of fresh fruit displays, my Mom’s Banana Sour Cream Cake ( increased the recipe by 1 and 1/2 and baked in a sheet pan) with vanilla buttercream frosting, and my Chocolate Bonbons.

Here are the photos!  You didn’t think this was just going to be a post about exercise, did you?