Pan Seared Veal Chops and Rosemary Potatoes


Lately I find myself looking for all kinds of excuses in the kitchen to use the rosemary that is still thriving in the huge pot it’s been planted in for the past 3 summers.

When the weather turns cold here I take my perennial pots from the patio and move them into our garage for the winter.

In early spring when it appears the days will be increasingly warmer I bring them out and let them adapt to the weather on the side of my house where they are still somewhat protected before returning them to the patio.

I then begin watering them again, and in no time at all they are bursting out of the soil.

I will never tire of that feeling of amazement as I watch this process year after year.

I must admit that some years I’m not even certain I remember what was planted in some of the pots until they begin growing again.

In the case of the rosemary, if the winter is fairly mild which it was the past couple of years, ( and so far this year ), it doesn’t die back and I have been able to harvest it in my garage where it sits beneath a window allowing it some sunlight.

 All the other herbs in the garden have long since been plucked and won’t be available til spring again so I do have to buy them fresh in the market whenever I need them.

But my rosemary has been there for me and whatever dishes I impulsively decide to make. Recently these have included the  Roasted Tomatoes   , a Rosemary Gin Cocktail, and the Rosemary Potatoes pictured  above.

The Rosemary Potatoes are a perfect accompaniment to a grilled chop such as the veal chops above.  

Rosemary Potatoes (serves 2)
2 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut into large dice

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons fresh rosemary, finely chopped

Kosher salt to taste (but potatoes do like salt, so be somewhat generous)

Freshly cracked black pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Toss potatoes with the olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.  Place on a rimmed baking sheet covered with parchment paper. (This will help prevent any sticking).

Roast for 25 to 35 minutes, turning once or twice until potatoes are tender, crisp and nicely browned.

Of course garlic is always wonderful with rosemary, but this time I decided to let the rosemary shine on its own! 

And they were wonderful along with the chops which I seasoned liberally just with kosher salt and fresh pepper, then pan-seared on top of the stove at a fairly high heat and finished off in a 350 degree oven.