Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon, and Pearl Onions


Over a month ago Southern Living Magazine contacted me for confirmation to print a recipe of mine in their February issue!

I was shocked, wondering what recipe they were interested in, and how it happened that they found it, and me!  Here’s the story…

About a year ago I submitted the recipe for Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon, and Pearl Onions pictured above to the Food 52 site, an online community of cooks. 

Turns out Southern Living saw it recently and liked it, and tried to find me to let me know they wanted to run it in their February issue.

I found this out one day as I was shopping for groceries and my son called with the news that Southern Living had e-mailed him that they were trying to locate me.

Apparently my son is a lot easier to locate than me!  In googling Dinner At Sheila’s they found him because on the second anniversary of my blog he was kind enough to post on his personal blog the following.

Dinner at Sheila’s

August 2, 2012

A few years ago I told my Mom that I thought she’d enjoy having a blog to share her amazing cooking skills and recipes with the world. She thought I was insane, but after a few months she agreed to give it a shot.

She quickly became obsessed with it, and just celebrated the two-year anniversary of blogging at Dinner at Sheilas which is quite an accomplishment.

As somebody who’s actually had Dinner at Sheilas for his entire life, I can tell you that her cooking is every bit as delicious as it looks. If you’re remotely interested in cooking (or eating), I highly recommend that you go check it out.

And if you like what you see, go like her Facebook page – it’ll make her day.

So my son gave  SL my email, and they contacted me, and I was more than thrilled to give them approval to run my recipe.  And yesterday I found the Feb issue on the stands…


In it on page 16 there is a Community Cookbook Feature with the following caption…

A TASTE OF WHO AND WHAT GOT THE HIGHEST RAVES IN THE SOUTHERN LIVING TEST KITCHEN.                                                        
                          THIS MONTH:  COLORFUL WINTER SIDES

And I am one of three lucky cooks whose recipe is featured. 

Here is the link to the recipe for  Jazzed Up Peas, Lemon and Pearl Onions!

Thanks to my son for being so sweet to write that post, and thanks to Southern Living for persevering!

And one more thing …I will be adding my e-mail to my blog!!!!